Presentation of Hemera

Hemera designs, produces and sells online liquid and gaz analyzers. It is in Grenoble, the fifth world's most innovative city (according to Forbes magazine), that Hemera built its founding principles, creating strong links with universities and research centers.

The aim of Hemera is to measure, in any gaseous or liquid environment, with a minimalized environmental impact and in a selective way, all compounds seen nowadays as pollutants : for our health, for an industrial process, etc.

Our products are aimed at users in charge of doing environmental measures in gaz or liquid to be in keeping with regulations on the one hand, and on the other hand at manufacturers willing to, in their production process, improve their performances and optimize their costs.

The use of a high resolution optic system combined to an efficient mathematical algorithm and to an innovative process compounds selectiveness guarantees the reliability of our analyzers. This technology allows us to measure the pollutants content at very low concentrations without being interfered by the environment.

The 15 years of expertise in the instrumentation field that our engineers have and the multiples partnership that we build, allow us to have a very good visibility of our clients issues. Thus, we are able to offer a detailed analysis of their situation and a fitted and customized solution. We offer a real follow-up and a quality after-sales service by experts in that field.

Following this spirit of excellence, we give value to respect the European rules and the high quality of our relations with our different partners.

The Hemera team

Our engineers’ 15 years of expertise in the instrumentation field and the partnerships that we develop, allow us to have an assured visibility of our customers’ issues. In this way, we are able to perform an in-depth analysis of their situation and to propose an adapted and customised solution.

Hemera team includes multidisciplinary employees. In every services, team members work in collaboration in order to offer you an adapted solution that meets your requirements. The mix of competences allows Hemera to internally master R&D, production, service, technical support, marketing, communication and sales. This « open working » facilitates information sharing and brings coherence to all our procedures on all fronts. Having recognized the important of your needs, we mobilize all our resources for a successful outcome.

Our solidarity activities

Socially : annual donation to « Resto du Coeur » association
Environmental : eco-responsible products, respect of charters and standards
Economically : Support for newly created SMB companies (as an example: Cocoon nursery) … and it is only a beginning, Hemera has the will to increase its solidarity activities and to share its success!

Human philosophy

Value of a company is estimated according to its employees happiness. Having recognized this reality, Hemera provides particular care to its employees. How? In few words: Implication, Management and working conditions

  • Implication
    Hemera takes into account the views of its team members whether at strategic or tactic level. Concerning retribution, wealth is shared and benefits all employees.
  • Management
    Based on Nordic model, Hemera wasn’t built on a pyramidal model and opts for a linear organisation where every one has essential functions.
  • Working conditions
    For an optimum internal communication, Hemera chooses to work in open plan. Our team is unified and work together to created an environment conducive to innovation and creativity.

Sales philosophy

We, sales representatives, are committed to provide quality advises, products and services, that according to your specific needs. We, manufacturers, are committed to improve our technologies to offer you high quality products. We, designed to inform you about all you have the right to know, we committed to make information clearer and more specific.

Message to our providers

Having recognized the importance of your participation in our development, we are committed to respect your products and the culture of your company and to maintain with you close and sincere relationships.